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The project which is implemented by the program “Research, create, Innovate” is a partnership between two research organizations (University of Athens and University of Piraeus) and two companies LINK TECHNOLOGIES SA and 3PI  INFORMATIONS SYSTEMS SA.

The development of the Internet of Things (IoT) has encouraged entrepreneurship in a variety of application areas, such as smart cities. Examples of IoT applications for intelligent cities are applications for installing parking sensors, electric lighting, smart water management, pollutant / temperature measurement, waste management, etc. already implemented in European cities, delivering remarkable cost savings and boosting local economy.

Existing solutions follow the conventional approach where each application has its own platform, while the infrastructure of mobile networks is used as a gate to the Internet. At the same time, intelligent devices create applications that are not expandable or multi-use. This approach is withering for two main reasons. Firstly, it limits the potential for developing business models that do not involve mobile network providers ,and secondly,it does not allow the development of multiple applications over the same infrastructure. In this context, Greek cities, despite having made progress in individual sectors, are ranked in the lowest positions in Europe on the basis of the European “smart city model”, which allows the development of similar business and research activities.

Therefore, it is understood that the CityZEN project produces for the first time in Greece an integrated IoT system which has:

– Flexible, modular and affordable infrastructure

– Units for secure and efficient resource network management

– An easy-to-use application development platform with reliable and interoperable APIs

 The main outcome of the project, namely the CityZEN system, is underway with the additional purpose of economic development and the creation of new jobs for stakeholders to install and develop applications for the system. In the same context, the active involvement of the research institutions in the project guarantees vital transfer of knowledge, needed for the training of the human resources that, in the future, will lead the fertile IoT sector in Greece. A strategic advantage of the project is the balanced representation of the business sector with LINK TECHNOLOGIES S.A. but also with a rapidly growing 3PI Information Systems S.A., and the academic with the cooperation of two leading universities in Greece (University of Athens and University of Piraeus). The project aims at the dynamic and direct commercial exploitation of the system, so clear roles and synergy actions have been established to fully exploit the complementarity of actors during implementation.At the same time, a full channel of the project’s results and publicity has been determined, including: presentation in conferences, scientific publications, depositing of open source software το free-access repositories, organization of workshops, etc.

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