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Under the sponsorship and co-financing of EYDE-ETAK (Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs), LINK created the Telelog Spin-off with the University of Athens in order to develop a Building Ενεργυ Management Wireless System.

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The project Architecture of Intelligent Eco Power Sensor Networks for Environmental Management which was implemented by the collaboration of three research institutions (Research and Innovation Center in Information Communication and Knowledge Technologies “Athena”, Democritus University of Thrace and the National Technical University) and two companies (LINK technologies SA and 3PI Information Systems SA) has investigated the interaction of urban development with natural resources, wildlife and habitats with the technology of wireless sensor networks (WSN).

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A new estimation model has been devised and implemented to uncover, predict and distribute real time general traffic information in urban areas. Based on bus AVL data, provided by the existing telematics system of Urban Public Transport Organisation of Thessaloniki (OASTH), Greece, the model dynamically produces graphic animated general traffic information over proper GIS background (e.g. Google maps), thus eliminating the need to use costly traditional methods of collecting general traffic data, such as inductive pavement loops, vehicle sensors etc.  

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Enterprises interoperability is the emerging need in Europe for joint projects and business facing new marketing challenges.The VENIS project is aimed at covering the gap of interoperability between Large and Small Enterprises, according to “Virtual Organisation” paradigm.

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Integrated IT productivity and bus lines service quality optimization system – BusGrid

The needs of the traveling public today require better public transport service quality, shorter service times and more information.Unlike the fixed rail (eg underground) the proper management problem bus lines is complex and complicated. In a crowded urban transportation bus is facing a series of unexpected obstacles, delays and possible accidents that make the consistent performance of services extremely difficult.

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