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GPS Fleet Tracking for Garbage Trucks

The garbage collection project is a complex one and requires frequent monitoring and supervision by each municipality, as it relates to environmental protection, rational management and detailed inventory of total resulting expenditure.

The telematic garbage management system is a complete solution consisting of the following:

  • Geographic impession of the bins on a digital map
  • More efficient designing and planning of routes by reducing management costs (eg reducing fuel consumption, reducing overlapping of the routes etc.)
  • Tracking the movement of garbage trucks and checking compliance with the planning of garbage collection
  • Checking the passage of the garbage trucks from the bins, as well as the actual garbage collection
  • Rational management of shipments of garbage and coordination with other transport and urban traffic
  • Data collection through the automatic weighing system of bins in order to make garbage collection designing and route planning more efficient.
  • Web application for the public (on the site of the municipality) where citizens can be informed about the garbage collection program and inform the municipal cleaning service of situations where there is a need to collect garbage beyond regular planning
  • Monitoring and control of garbage disposal in landfills
  • Planning the shift of drivers and workers

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