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The vehicle routing is a powerful tool in the organizational and managerial procedures of a company.

The daily routing scheduling provides data in order to optimize the routing based on km. distances. The launch of this module prerequisites the activation of extra mapping tools, which is recommended for big enterprises that operate electronic data processing for routing their vehicles. The tools that are used are descriptive and user friendly in order make the procedure simpler and faster. The above picture shows how the user chooses the date and time and then the start/end time of the route.


The module allows the reception and printout of temperature historical data, as well as the alert activation in order to effectively control the quality of the freight.  In the client’s form appear the following:

  • Total temperature diagram with zoom-in and zoom-out option
  • Total temperature on table

Fuel Control

This module receives data from the vehicle’s tank and provides the following information:

  • The volume of the vehicle’s tank
  • The total mileage

Additionally, the tank provides data concerning the gas and their consumption; in case of severe deviation in the gas indexes, there are gas alarm notifications.

Instant Access

This module is very useful for 3PL companies that consider offering their clients extra services. The system administrator can give access to a certain client in order to follow its vehicle. This is a very simple and fast procedure.

The system administrator chooses the client, the vehicle an the time interval that the service should operate; at the same time, the system saves the data for future use; Upon the activation, an email is sent including the service details , the login and the password as well as the time interval that it will be activated.

Connection with Navigator

This specific module gives a comparative advantage to our solution and makes it one of the most reliable solutions in the Greek market.

When connecting one of Garmin’s navigators to the vehicle’s telematics device, the user can “send” routes and at the same time can “receive” updates concerning the vehicle’s stops.

Our company can fully customized the messages to be sent from the navigator, as well as developing new routing criteria, according to the client’s needs.

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