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Vending machine SmartPoint Cashless

SmartPoint Cashless is intended for cashless fare collection from passengers and other customers. It can be used everywhere, where the bank card or contactless chip card payment is required. Dispensing of paper documents or contactless cards is also possible. Thanks to a unique construction technology, we managed to combine modern technologies and high resistance against damage.

This device is used as a payment terminal, information terminal, machine for recharging or for issuing of various types of cards and paper tickets.

  • Materials used and unique constructions ensure sufficient resistance against vandalism. Special surface coating facilitates removal of graffiti.
  • High resistance against climate conditions allows arbitrary outdoor location.
  • Accessible design allows operation from a wheelchair.
  • Construction design of the dispensing opening for tickets provides a comfortable collection of tickets by the  passenger and prevents unauthorized handling with paper at the moment of print.
  • A coloured 12.1” LCD display with a resistant touch screen panel is used for communication with passengers. Its special antireflexive surface improves readabilityin daylight and facilitates its cleaning.
  • Flexibility of the system allows full modification of functions and parameters of the device and gives the user a possibility to adjust system function according to the user´s needs.
  • Data transfer can be optionally performed by using USB, LAN, GPRS/Edge/UMTS or WiFi.
  • The device operation is easy due to monitoring of the status of the paper roll, sending information about reaching end of paper, self-diagnostics, disassembly free change in firmware and other practical functions.
  • Internal design is based on a standard industrial PC which allows easy operation of existing applications and also further development of the machine
  • Automatic regulation of the contrast of display´s backlight depending on the surrounding light intensity.
  • Motion Sensor– possibility of using for advertising purposes.
  • Audio output can release audio instructions for the customer.
  • Optional barcode sensor allows reading of 2D code from the mobile phone display.
  • Based on the customer´s request, other additional devices and accessories may be added.

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