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Ticket vending machine MS

One word, apart from quality, is associated with Mikroelektronika and that is flexibility. As an enterprise we have made it our aim to meet the vast range of requirements that our customers have. With this in mind we developed a fare box or compact ticket vending machine for vehicles where it is not desired to have the drivers manipulate cash during fare collection.

  • The device can be configured to accept coins and contactless smartcards processing on board.
  • Farebox can work with any currency.
  • Depending on a HW version the fare can be selected via touchscreen or touch keys. In the simplest version the fare tariff is fixed or can be selected on a connected device, for example the TR02.
  • The farebox displays the remaining value to be inserted. When coins are inserted or a card is placed, the farebox or a specified device will print a ticket.
  • Optional acoustic output provides information for visually impaired passengers.
  • The device is configured not to give change, but will accept an overpayment thus increasing revenue for the operator.
  • Easy function key for passenger to cancel a transaction and return of coins.
  • Rugged, vandal proof design and low maintenance.
  • Four level protection of cash box through locks and electro mechanic blocking.
  • Other accessories and additional devices can be offered to meet the customer’s individual requirements.

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