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Ticket vending machine AVJG

AVJG is a compact stationary vending machine enabling sale of fare documents and other services. Its main benefits are compact size and high resistance against vandalism.

  • TVM can be equipped with mechanical keys or touchscreen.
  • AVJG support payment with coins or bank cards EMV, contact as well as contactless.
  • Security is an uppermost consideration for a product of this kind. The unique design, which offers maximum revenue protection, has been constructed with vandalism in mind. The housing of the cash box is made of 4 mm thick stainless steel, the bolts and locks are also fraud proof and will even resist tools such as drills and other implements that may be used to prize it open.
  • The trays where the ticket is issued and change is given are separated thus minimising the risk of vandalism.
  • The machine has an in built closing mechanism after each coin is inserted thus preventing jamming or deliberate tampering. Stand-alone low maintenance machine.
  • User friendly software ensures that the operator can carry out most of the modifications.

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