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Stationary vending machine Smart Point SVB

SmartPoint SVB is a compact stationary vending machine which in various configurations enables a whole range of services and arbitrary payment methods. The machine can either work as a standard ticket vending machine with card recharging functions or it can be used as card dispenser. The construction has been optimised to meet appropriate production costs, thus offering very advantageous price/performance ratio.

  • The machine can be equipped with various types and dimensions of touchscreens, with precise response and excellent readability. Optionally the display can be combined with capacitive keys.
  • Intuitive and comfortable use with optional audio output for voice instructions.
  • Possibility of payment by coinsbanknotes, contactless EMV cards and other selected contactless cards.
  • Internal illumination, cashbox RFID identification and auto-diagnostic functions such as monitoring of paper roll, contactless card stock or filling of cashbox, make maintenance easier. The current state can be checked online and the device itself sends notifications whenever the situation requires operators attention.
  • Used materials, special case construction with protected openings and durable display cover ensures high resistance against vandalism. Special coating for easier removal of graffiti.
  • The cash is stored in robust, securely located cashboxes with automatic locking preventing from undesired tampering.
  • The device can work with two currencies at the same time.
  • The card dispenser contains a sufficient stock of plastic cards. If needed the dispenser can be modified for work with paper cards.
  • The machine runs on Linux, optionally on Windows. Using standard operation system enables easy accommodation of existing applications and also further development.
  • The SVB can be installed as stand-alone with supplied base or mounted on the wall or any other construction. Primarily it is designated for sheltered premises such as subway stations but it can be used also in outdoor stations as well.

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