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Stationary card validator Totem

The Totem validators are the best choice for stationary applications of contactless cards. Such as train stationssubway stationsBRT systems or other systems with controlled access. The validator works with contactless smartcards, contactless bank cards and NFC devices. Unobtrusive design made of stainless steel suitably enhances public areas and can be easily installed on the floor or on the wall. Provides comfortable use, fast response and high resistance.

  • The validator can be installed as stand-alone or mounted on the wall or any other construction.
  • Three basic versions cover all needs of any fare collection system. Standard basic validator PVB. Combined validator with ticket and card validation PVT. Finally a validator with ticket print PVP. If needed the functionality can be extended for example by barcode or QR code reader.
  • The validator can be equipped with various types and dimensions of touchscreens, with precise response and excellent readability. Optionally the display can be combined with capacitive keys.
  • Validation is as easy as possible thanks to variable LED symbols, backlit card reader and audio speaker using all standard audio formats including wav and mp3.
  • Unobtrusive design made of robust stainless steel provides high resistance against climatic conditions. This enables both indoor as well as outdoorinstallation. In case of outdoor use, the validator can be equipped with internal heating system.
  • The device is specially designed to bring the highest antivandal protection. The result is a robust design with protective elements, resistant display cover, sensors preventing paper jam and indirect access to ticket issuing slot. Smooth surface also helps to keep device clean and makes cleaning easier.
  • A high performance electronics, prompt response and superfast printer provides fluent passage even during rush hours.
  • Totem can work with various standards of contactless cards, supports NFC and contactless bank cards (EMV). This means versatile application even beyond the field of public transport.
  • The Linux system offers easy customer modifications and increases security.

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