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Senior Management has established, implements and maintains its Policy, which is recorded in the Quality Policy-Environmental Policy form, is announced, understood, implemented by the business and is available to all interested parties.

The Quality Policy – Environmental Management of ‘’Link Technologies’’. can be summarized as follows:

· Compliance with the requirements of the ISO Quality Management Standard

·  Compliance with the requirements of the ISO Environmental Management Standard

·  Continuous improvement of the Company’s Management System.

·  Using the best available technology and know-how to continually improve the quality of IT services and minimize costs.

·  Minimizing errors – limiting non-compliance – limiting customer complaints.

·  Continuous monitoring and improvement of its environmental performance.

·  Continuous training and education on scientific issues and issues of quality and environmental management of all staff.

·  Development and maintenance of a working environment that enables the active participation of human resources, the exploitation of its potential for the benefit of the Company and the practical recognition of its offer.

·  Creating mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders.

·  Exploiting the results from how it works for decision-making, elimination and prevention of unwanted situations with the aim of continuously improving the products of its activities, the management system and the way it operates.

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