Complete Transport Telematics Solutions

Complete Transport Telematics Solutions

  • Fleet Management
  • Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI)
  • ”Smart» Bus Applications
  • Ticketing System
  • Interactive Voice Response System
Real Time Passenger Information

Real Time Passenger Information

  • On Vehicle Audio and Visual Announcements
  • ” Smart” Bus Stops
  • ” Smart” Websites
Smart Bus Applications

Smart Bus Applications

  • Drivers’ Shift Management System
  • Connection with Ticket Validation Machines
  • Connection with Ticket Vending Machines
  • On Vehicle Route Display
Ticketing System

Ticketing System

  • Central Ticketing Database
  • Ticketing Editing Software for Ticket Booths
  • Ticketing Editing Software for the Drivers
  • Ticketing Editing Software for PDA Devices
Web Based Fleet Management Solution – Exandas GIS

Web Based Fleet Management Solution – Exandas GIS

  • Routing Optimization
  • Google Maps
  • Fuel Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Connection with Navigator

Public Transport

With years of experience researching and developing cutting edge technology, LINK is at the forefront of its field, developing products for customers in the areas of transport, telematics and software telemetry. Examples of LINK’s customer base include: public transport organisations, municipalities, ambulance fleets and private enterprises such as intercity transport organisations, passenger and cargo ships, heavy-goods transportation companies and many more. The mandate of LINK Technologies is that it constantly innovates, creating real-world solutions using the latest technological developments, so that it might provide convenient, effective and affordable solutions for its clients. Success in LINK’s field demands is that it works faster and more efficiently than competition, proof of which is the constantly increasing market share that the company enjoys.

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