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Paper ticket validator NJ

The Electronic ticket validator NJ has earned its reputation as a traditional and reliable ticketing device for paper tickets. It is made of a solid aluminium lockable case and boasts an avante garde design. The product has benefited from years of constant improvement which has come about through its infield experience. The NJ has therefore evolved into a state of the art, easy to maintain, easy to use compact device.

  •  Its evolutionary design, which has been honoured at various design competitions, accommodates the strict ergonomic criteria for mass transit devices.
  • Special fast pole mounting facility bracket means it can be placed almost anywhere.
  • Tickets are stamped horizontally by a high speed dot-matrix printer, configurable according to the providers requirements.
  • Reactive coloured ribbons can be supplied to prevent tampering with the printing process.
  • Notification of a successful validation is provided via an optical indicator. It is also equipped with sensors which prevent repeated validation without removing the ticket.
  • The validator can operate both in a controlled and autonomous mode.
  • It is possible to block the validator remotely, to ensure that no ticket can be stamped during an inspection.
  • The device can be equipped with a four-figure time display.

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