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Onboard computer Synergy OCC

The Synergy OCC is a multifunction system which combines fare collection device, onboard computer, information system unit and passenger terminal. OCC benefits from 20 years of experience in the development of AFC equipment, keeping up with new trends in public transport and making use of the latest technology available.

  • The equipment is fitted with a powerful processor with a very short system start-up time.
  • Robustergonomically shaped plastic case, available in a choice of colours.
  • Extremely durable display with high resolution, excellent readability under a variety of light conditions and with automatic brightness regulation.
  • The passengers’ terminal is mounted on a swivel joint which means that it can be turned to the optimal angle for passengers. It can be fitted in atypical positions or even on right-hand drive vehicles.
  • The OCC device is operated with a touch-screen in combination with durable mechanical buttons.
  • A thermal printer with a cuter prints tickets at a speed of 170 mm/s.
  • Fares can be paid in cash, with a contactless chip card or with a contactless bank card (EMV).
  • The passengers’ terminal can be supplemented with a 2D code reader.
  • The device can be fitted with a secure removable cashbox for quick and easy storing of coins and banknotes.
  • An integrated acoustic information system with independent channels for inside and outside the vehicle and listen-in function. Including microphone and earphones.
  • The equipment can be used for position tracking using GPS or Glonass systems.

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