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Onboard computer Synergy Light

This universal compact device combines both a device for ticketing and a card validator. During its development, special attention was focused on developing a product that was compact, practical, and easy to maintain. Synergy Light provides an economical solution for smaller vehicles, where payments are made with  driver assistance.

  • Compact size also allows installation  in smaller vehicles such as minibuses or TAXI vehicles without obstructing the driver.
  • Adjustable holder allows installation without the need of changes in the dashboard. This device can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled and can be adjusted for specific operational requirements.
  • Optional external reader offers card payment from the passenger´s seat without the need to attach the card at the driver.
  • All important information is clearly displayed on a large, coloured display which is  automatically regulated by ambient light intensity.
  • The terminal can be easily operated single handed . Ergonomically placed mechanical buttons can be operated consistently and without increased driver´s attention and visual contact. The driver can fully concentrate on  traffic .
  • Built-in thermal printer ensures fast and high-quality graphic prints.
  • Thanks to the efficient use of the device´s internal space, this device holds an extra-large paper roll. This allows the printing of thousands of tickets without the need to exchange rolls.
  • Recording and processing of data on function of this device, driver´s work and vehicle´s operation can provide full statistics in a form of user defined reports to the operator.
  • Device is able to use GPS or GLONASS system for localization.

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