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Onboard computer Synergy Compact

Universal device integrating functions for ticketing, onboard computer, passenger´s terminal and device for transfer of operation data. It is used for fare collection from passengers with cash or with contactless cards. This allows control of the fare collection, information and other devices in a vehicle. Sufficient power, along with a well-arranged display, will also cope with difficult applications of integrated transport systems.

  • Driver´s terminal, control unit and passenger´s terminal are integrated in one compact device.
  • An optional coloured display in the upper part of the device is used for communication with passengers.
  • Thermal printer with cutter and a printing speed of  150 mm per second is located under the lockable cover.  
  • The reader of contactless cards can be located according to the customer´s need on the side or in the upper part of the device.
  • The device can be complemented with a lockable cash box.
  • Resistant, ergonomically shaped spill-resistant plastic cover.
  • This device is operated by using a backlit, water resistant silicon keypad with 52 pads, out of which 20 are used as soft keys. Mechanic response increases accuracy while handling. Optionally, this device can be operated by using a touch screen.
  • Audio Player of various formats (including mp3) and a powerful audio amplifier with three separated channels ensure a high-quality sound in the vehicle interior and a side speaker for the driver.
  • Thanks to modular design, it is also possible to broaden the abilities of this device by modules for data transfer GSM/GPRS, WiFi, RF, or system of satellite localization GPS, etc.

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