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Multipurpose terminal SmartPoint SVS

Multifunctional terminal SmartPoint introduces an interface substitute for points of sale and offers a wide range of services other than for public transportation. A combination of paymentidentificationinformationreservationsales and communication functions in one device predestines it to become a contact point of projects with chip cards and allows practical use of new services not only for passengers, but for all residents and visitors to cities alike.

Terminal offers following basic use:

  • Information terminal
  • Issuing of tickets and other documents
  • Issuing and recharging of contactless chip cards
  • Reservation systems
  • Payment for services
  • Internet access
  • Communication with city institutions
  • Mass dispensing of tickets for drivers
  • A modular construction allows various combinations of equipment. From the basic ticket vending machine to a fully multifunctional device.
  •  A module for vending of contactless cards allows uploading data on a card before it is issued as well as print on paper cards.
  • Possibility of payment by contactless chip cards, bank cards (EMV), coins and banknotes.
  • High resistance against damage and against unfavourable weather conditions allows any outdoor location.
  • Terminal is easily operated by 15″ capacitive display with highly resistant touch screen panel. Antireflexive filters ensure good readability also in direct sun.
  • Optional sound module allows voice navigation for operating of the machine.
  • Accessible design allows operation from the wheelchair.
  • Data transfer can be made by using USB, LAN, GPRS/Edge/UMTS or WiFi. The communication is based on TCP/IP protocol.
  • This device is equipped with an automatic monitoring system, thus the dispatcher is informed in time about the need of exchange of paper in the printer, about the amount of coins and banknotes in money boxes, about the level of supply of contactless cards intended for sale, about the need of service actions or about an attempt of robbery.
  • Web browser allows search for traffic and tourist information from enabled Internet addresses.
  • Internal design is based on a standard industrial PC which allows easy operation of already existing applications and also further development of the machine.
  • The machine is equipped with thermoregulation system for maintaining optimal operation temperature and level of humidity without respect to the outdoor weather conditions.
  • Optional barcode reader allows reading of 2D code from the mobile phone display.
  • In the case of a request for the issue of various documents or an increase in capacity, the terminal can be equipped with the second printer – thermal or dot matrix printer.
  • Based on the customer´s request we can deliver further extensions of functionality.

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