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Multipurpose terminal SmartPoint SVD

Terminals SmartPoint SVD offer a complete range of services. They can be used as common vending machines or multifunction terminals substituting POS offices, able to issue and recharge contactless cards, provide communication or access to further online services. With arbitrary payment options.

In comparison to SVS this terminal offers more prestigious design and fulfil all requirements of passengers on a wheelchair.

  • A modular construction allows various combinations of equipment. From the basic ticket vending machine to a fully multifunctional device.
  • Machines can be equipped with touchscreens of various dimensions or they can be combined with capacitive keys.
  • Displays specially designed for outdoor use offer excellent readability also in direct sun.
  • Optional sound module allows voice navigation to help visually impaired passengers.
  • Depending on configuration the payment can be done by coins, banknotes, contact and contactless EMV cards.
  • card dispenser in higher configurations allows uploading data on a card before it is issued as well as print on paper cards.
  • The device is equipped with an automatic monitoring system, thus the dispatcher is informed in time about the need of exchange of paper in the printer, about the amount of coins and banknotes in money boxes, about the level of supply of contactless cards intended for sale, about the need of service actions or about an attempt of robbery.
  • Internal design of machines is based on a standard industrial PC which allows easy operation of already existing applications and also further development.
  • Used materials, special case construction with protected openings and durable display cover ensures high resistance against vandalism. Special coating for easier removal of graffiti.
  • The issuing slot not only allows for easy withdrawal of the ticket, but also prevents undesirable ticket tampering during the printing process.
  • High resistance against climate conditions allows arbitrary outdoor location.
  • Based on the customer´s request, other additional features may be added. Such as proximity sensor, web cam, 2D code reader, lit signs etc.

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