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Driver´s terminal Synergy OCT

Synergy OCT is a compact multi-purpose terminal which can be used to control other devices or can work as a part of an on-board computer – control unit. It provides practical and robust solution for fare collection systems requiring driver’s assistance. Despite the TR02 terminal OCT offers higher comfort, sophisticated graphical interface and wider utilization.

  • Capacitive LCD touchscreen offers clear information and easy touch control.
  • The display is readable under all ambient light conditions
  • The terminal can be equipped with additional capacitive keys. Backlit keys facilitate night operation and their printing can be modified according to client´s needs.
  • Synergy OCT is not just a simple terminal. It is a fully autonomous device with operational system which enables extension of its functionality and applications.
  • The device features an acoustic output.
  • Synergy OCT is supplied with a robust adjustable holder enabling easy installation and turning into an optimal position.
  • The construction of the terminal ensures a high mechanical resistance as well as resistance against spilled liquids.
  • Seamless front panel not only enables easy cleaning but also prevents from dirt deposition.

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