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Compact ticket vending machine MVB

MVB is the most versatile device ve have ever made. It can work as a classic ticket vending machine (TVM) or  as a ticket issuing machine placed by the driver or can eventually manage to work as a card validator. Payment is possible with any payment mean. Contactless cards, contactless EMV bank cards, coins with giving change or banknotes.

  • Thanks to compact dimmensions MVB can be placed anywhere on the bus including an aisle by the driver.
  • The machine provides both cash as well as cashless transactions. It accepts coins with giving change and banknotes.  
  • Fast and easy payment with coins. The tray with automated feeder can process unsorted handful of coins in an instant. Overpayment, change and rejected coins are returned in the ticket tray.
  • Depending on HW version, the fare can be selected by capacitive buttons, touchscreen or connected device, for example onboard computer by the driver.
  • Audio output provides information concerning the process or result of transaction.
  • Cashbox can be changed through independent lockable doors.
  • Tilting front panel provides easy access for servicing purposes to all important machine components.
  • Robust and plain design ensures high resistance against vandalism and makes maintenance as easy as possible.
  • Multilevel protection of cashbox with locks and electromechanical blocking.

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