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Combined validator Camel Combi

Complying with its name, Camel Combi is a multifunction validator, able to work both with paper tickets and contactless cards. Smart and elegant solution for gradual conversion of paper ticketing to electronic ticketing in combined fare collection systems.

  • Camel Combi takes up as little space as possible and it is designed to meet the strict ergonomic requirements for mass transit devices.
  • The validator can be passenger operated via a contactless smartcard.
  • A powerful processor and sufficient memory, provide a high security and rapid response to every transaction.
  • Transactions are approved by two back-lit symbols and by an audible sound.
  • Depending on a HW version the device can be operated via contactless touchscreen, with up to 15 active fields, contactless keyboard or capacitive keys.
  • Broad possibilities of function adjustment.
  • Tickets are stamped by a dot-matrix printer with configurable characters.
  • Notification of a successful validation is provided via in-built optical and acoustic indicators. It is also equipped with sensors which prevent repeated validation without removing the ticket and will notify with an alarm should a ticket be left inside the slot.

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