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Cashless ticket vending machine MVC / SVC

Compact machine for cashless purchase of fare documents. With a size no much larger than stationary card validators it offers not only validation, but also robust design, higher performance  and  above all acceptance of contact bank cards with necessary mechanical pin pad.

  • The machine is available in two basic versions. Mobile MVC for vehicles and stationary SVC for platforms and stations.
  • The machine is made of a resistant stainless steel with oval edges and antigrafiti coating
  • LCD display is equipped with protective cover resistant against vandalism and antireflexive finishing for excellent readability.
  • The payment is possible with magnetic stripe card, contact chip card or contactless bank card (EMV).
  • Mechanical PIN Pad ensures secured transactions with contact bank cards.
  • Beside bank cards the machine supports also supports contactless cards like Mifare etc.
  • Print of a ticket and receipt.
  • External communication is provided via Ethernet and the device can work both in autonomous as well as in controlled mode. In stationary version the data can be transferred also with GPRS.
  • Audio output makes purchase much easier and can be used for further information services.
  • Back up battery not only enables to finish transaction in case of power supply failure but also enables a short time operation of the machine until the power supply is renewed.

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