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Card validator with ticket print PT02

Where fast, easy and comfortable checking together with ticket print is required, card validator PT02 is your best choice. The device combines compact dimensions with maximum capacity for paper roll and prompt ticket print.

  • PT02 (formerly known as Cardman) is designed to take up as little space as possible and to meet the strict ergonomic requirements for mass transit devices.
  • Depending on a HW version the device can be operated via contactless touchscreen, with up to 15 active fields, contactless keyboard or capacitive keys.
  • The device can be supplied with various types and dimensions of displays.
  • Transactions are approved by two back-lit symbols and by an audible sound.
  • The paper roll can be changed through its independent door without access to internal electronics.
  • The issuing slot not only allows for easy withdrawal of the ticket, but also prevents undesirable ticket tampering during the printing process.
  • The superfast thermal printer enables fully graphic print with speed up to 180 mm/sec.
  • The SAM module interface provides highly secured communication and easy implementation into integrated transport system.
  • The device works with open OS Linux, which makes administration and further modifications easier.
  • Optional audio interface AC97 enables using mp3wav and other formats of audio files.

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