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Card validator – Vega CVB

The card validator Vega CVB is a successor of successful and time-tested validator Camel. Compared with previous generation it brings better ergonomics, higher hardware variability and wider functionality. A matter of course is comfortable, fast and secure validation in any tariff system including Check In/Check Out.

  • The CVB is a basic validator of Vega family in a compact size, able to work with various standards of contactless cards, supports NFC and contactless bank cards (EMV). If needed the functionality can be extended for example by barcode or QR code reader etc.
  • The validator can be equipped with various types and dimensions of touchscreens, with precise response and excellent readability. Optionally the display can be combined with capacitive keys.
  • Validation is as simple as possible thanks to variable LED symbols, backlit card reader and audio speaker using all standard audio formats including wav and mp3.
  • With integrated wireless data transfer module the device can work in completely autonomous mode. Innovative holder design not only ensures fast and secure mounting, but thanks to effective utilisation of inner space the device takes up minimum space.
  • The device is specially designed to bring the highest antivandal protection. The result is a robust and resistant construction with protective elements. Smooth surface also helps to keep device clean and makes cleaning easier.
  • Powerful electronics and above standard number of SAM slots enable usage in extensive, complex transport systems and provides sufficient reserve for further progress.

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