Complete Transport Telematics Solutions

Complete Transport Telematics Solutions

  • Fleet Management
  • Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI)
  • ”Smart» Bus Applications
  • Ticketing System
  • Interactive Voice Response System
Real Time Passenger Information

Real Time Passenger Information

  • On Vehicle Audio and Visual Announcements
  • ” Smart” Bus Stops
  • ” Smart” Websites
Smart Bus Applications

Smart Bus Applications

  • Drivers’ Shift Management System
  • Connection with Ticket Validation Machines
  • Connection with Ticket Vending Machines
  • On Vehicle Route Display
Ticketing System

Ticketing System

  • Central Ticketing Database
  • Ticketing Editing Software for Ticket Booths
  • Ticketing Editing Software for the Drivers
  • Ticketing Editing Software for PDA Devices
Web Based Fleet Management Solution – Exandas GIS

Web Based Fleet Management Solution – Exandas GIS

  • Routing Optimization
  • Google Maps
  • Fuel Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Connection with Navigator

Ambulance Dispatch and Management


Link Technologies SA has installed telematics devices and an integrated system in the ambulances of the National Centre for Emergency Assistance of Thessaloniki, for the management of the vehicles and the cases that they undertake.

Our company developed a telematics device which supports GPS/GPRS and can be connected to a TETRA device in order to make the communication between the dispatcher and the ambulances’ drivers feasible. Additionally, our company developed special back office software to record and classify all the dispatches.

Our goal is to optimise the dispatch management for EKAV (National System for Emergency Assistance). The development of a unified system that integrates the EKAV call centre with the ambulances’ fleet management was very important in order to minimise the response time and optimise EKAV’s services.

Our developers emphasised giving multiple users simultaneous access to the data.

Link Technologies developed and implemented an innovative solution for the National Centre for Emergency Assistance of Thessaloniki. Our company replaced an obsolete record system, with a robust new system which is compatible with the ambulances’ fleet management system.

The system’s connection with the TETRA device improves the application’s usage and the communication between the users in different stages of a dispatch. Finally, the existence of historical data makes the future dispatch management easier.

Our solution gives EKAV multiple benefits aiming to better ambulances’ fleet management and to optimise the call centre dispatch management.

These benefits are summarised below:

  • Ambulances’ route control optimisation
  • Ambulances’ routing optimisation
  • Constant update about the incidents status
  • Constant Information Flow
  • Optimisation of incidents management
  • Digital historical records for future use
  • Optimised call centre management
  • Reports and Printouts
  • TETRA System for optimised information transmission