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Balkan Center 9th km
Thessaloniki-Thermi, 57001

+(30) 2310 383 403-5

Municipality of Thermi

Within the framework of Link-Technologies’ cooperation with the Municipality of Thermi, the SkyMeter smart meters have been installed in the water supply, which offer high-precision measurements and wireless data transmission capability. For proper and complete operation of electronic meters, a software has been created that collects and processes the data and the network of meters, offering the following advantages:

  • Physical visit and typing of measurements are not required
  • Elimination of “difficult” spaces, inaccessible cash
  • Send control commands
  • Managing the supply cut-off
  • Reducing staffing time, minimizing recruitment staff and redistributing staff in other areas (mobile workshops)
  • Increase staff security
  • Frequent downloads
  • Increase Measurement Accuracy
  • Ability to connect to other sensors (pressure, temperature, pH etc.)
  • Immediate picture of interference, damage
  • Decrease in account estimates, re-checks, complaints
  • Full history and consumption profile
  • Ability to analyze data in a Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Group Count of Cash Counts
  • Predictability and consumption patterns per subscriber, subscriber group

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