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Balkan Center 9th km
Thessaloniki-Thermi, 57001

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Hellenic National Centre for Emergency Assistant

Link Technologies SA has installed telematics devices and an integrated system in the ambulances of the National Centre for Emergency Assistance of Thessaloniki, for the management of the vehicles and the cases that they undertake.

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Organisation of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki

The Organisation of urban Transportation of Thessaloniki (OASTH) is the biggest transport organisation of the city of Thessaloniki. The 604 buses of the organisation carry over 180 million passengers annually via 75 different bus routes within the greater area of the city.

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Urban Transport Company of Ioannina

Every year, Urban Transport Companies serves thousands of passengers, helping to relocate citizens and improve tourist traffic.
Link Technologies provides a wide range of solutions and services for Urban Transport fleets.

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Municipality of Thermi

Within the framework of Link-Technologies’ cooperation with the Municipality of Thermi, the SkyMeter smart meters have been installed in the water supply, which offer high-precision measurements and wireless data transmission capability.

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Interurban Transport Company of Attiki

A wide range of solutions and services are being provided, such as the SKYVIEW software system, applications that optimize fleet management, ticketing functions, and parcel handling that are transported from the company’s buses.

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Anatolia College

The application developed in the framework of Link Technologies’ collaboration with Anatolia College is an essential tool for the day-to-day management of students’ schedules, which enhances the level of safety of their transport and optimizes parents’ information on the daily departures and arrivals of student.

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Municipality of Paggaio

The electronic logging system of the power grid, which was implemented in the municipality of Paggaio, is a complete web-based application for the digitization of the city’s / customer’s electric lighting network.At the initial level, the application provides the ability to record accurate positioning of all tissue as well as each web individually.

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Municipality of Thessaloniki

Within the framework of Link-Technologies’ cooperation with the municipality of Thessaloniki, a system for the management and monitoring of the Garbage collection fleet was implemented, focusing on the reduction of operating costs and the best possible service to the citizens. The system provides possibilities for monitoring daily journeys and operation of garbage collection vehicles.

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Interurban Transport Company Halkidiki

Inter-Urban Transport of Halkidiki (KTEL) carries thousands of passengers on an annual basis, from and to Halkidiki, especially during the summer period, significantly contributing to the local tourism.

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